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New vehicle tax refund rules from 1 January 2009

How you may qualify for a refund

Since 1 January 2009 the rules surrounding who can claim a refund have changed.  Refunds will only be paid to the registered keeper or last registered keeper (the keeper must have had a registration certificate in their name).  In addition DVA must have been told why the vehicle no longer requires a tax disc.  This may be because it has been sold; scrapped; exported; stolen; the vehicle has been taxed in a nil value tax class (such as Disabled) or a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been made.

How you can help avoid your refund application being rejected

The most common reason why refund applications are rejected is because DVA has not been informed of a change. A refund may still be paid after the refund has been rejected if the relevant information is subsequently supplied to DVA accompanied by the reject letter.  However, the refund will only be paid from the date the information is received at DVA and not from the original application date.  Please provide DVA with the information at the earliest possible opportunity.

Another common reason for rejection is when the name on the application does not match the name held as the keeper or last keeper on the DVA record.  If the name on your registration certificate is Anthony Smith, please use this and NOT ‘A Smith’ or ‘Tony Smith’.

If a SORN declaration has been made this must be in force when the refund application is processed.  If the vehicle is taxed before the refund is paid you will not qualify for a refund under the new rules and the application will be rejected.

What happens if your refund application is rejected

 If the DVA record does not show that your application meets the new rules it will be rejected.  DVA will send you a letter informing you of this decision. For security reasons, DVA will cancel your original tax disc on receipt and it cannot be returned to you.  A replacement tax disc can be supplied by completing a V20(NI) form and taking it along to your local DVA Office with your rejection letter.  The replacement will be free of charge if you included your tax disc with your original refund application.


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